February 16, 2016

Dating Christians – Flirting in your twenties – the do’s and don’ts

Flirting can be fun but there are age appropriate ways of how to flirt with opposite sex.

1. Choose a subtle approach. Don’t wear anything too revealing. Try wearing a sexy but conservative outfit that you feel confident in.
2. Do charming old-fashioned things like holding hands, saying thank you when something is offered to you. Be gracious and smile to show that you appreciate the effort.
3. Smile to someone you want to get to know or do a more direct approach. At this age, you don’t have to use flowery words to get their attention. Be honest of what you feel and ask them out.
4. Body language. A simple touch or caress can lead to something more than both of you can imagine. Believe it or not, it works a thousand times.
5. Be ready to give a punch line. Opportunities arise everywhere and you have to be prepared to talk and give a simple compliment.

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January 7, 2016

Merseyside online dating for Christians – Christian dates for companions not sure about romance

Not everyone who joins the online dating for Christians game is looking exclusively for romance, at least not straight away. Many singles prefer to take things slowly, initially seeking companionship and hoping to make new friends too.

Merseyside online dating for Christians has a wealth of diverse activities to choose from and plenty of scope for some really great days out.

Liverpool offers fabulous shopping and dining out in the newly redeveloped ‘Liverpool One’ city centre together with a great choice of theatres if you fancy rounding off a day out by taking in a show or trying your luck at the casino.

Down on the waterfront is the award winning Albert Dock offering art exhibitions at Tate Liverpool, Merseyside Maritime Museum, The Beatles Story together with several restaurants and shops. Merseyside online dating for Christians can be cultural too. Liverpool has fantastic architecture, two contrasting cathedrals and the International Garden Festival site.

For something a little different, a date on Merseyside could take the form of a day at the races; try Haydock Park or Aintree, or take a tour of the football grounds at Anfield or Everton. Or how about a round of golf followed by lunch; perhaps at the Royal Birkdale Golf Club in Southport or Formby Hall, Formby.

Merseyside has some lovely beaches, so for those who enjoy fresh air, a fun date could involve checking out Antony Gormley’s famous statues on Crosby beach, visiting the red squirrel sanctuary on Formby dunes, or strolling along the old quayside across the river in Parkgate before enjoying a fish and chip supper and taking in the view across the Dee estuary to North Wales.

Of course, Merseyside online dating for Christians would not be complete without taking the ferry across the Mersey from the Pier Head to Birkenhead, (perhaps take in the Birkenhead Tramway), or to Wallasey for lunch in the elegant dining room of the golf club.

For a date with a difference, the town of St Helens is home to The World of Glass, an award winning visitor attraction with some great displays of glass blowing and a museum to stroll around.

Merseyside online dating for Christians certainly offers an abundance of things to do and couples will certainly have an enjoyable day out, whether romance blossoms or not.

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January 23, 2015

Hannah Christian, 21, loves to meet new people and travel

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December 18, 2014

Rosie, 37, looking for that special someone

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May 7, 2014

Petra Kreatschman Life, Love & Relationship coach talks exclusively to Dating Christians

Here at Dating Christians, we’re committed to bringing you the very best resources and information to help you with your dating and relationships.

Today is no different. We’re privileged to have one of Europe and the UK’s leading dating and love coaches stop by to share her insights, experiences and insights with Dating Christians.

Listen in to get the full interview with Petra right here.

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May 2, 2014

Lisa.37 from Chertsey seeks a man

Honest,loving & caring,like to have a laugh……..

looking for a genuine trustworthy man with the same qualities.

Been single for 2 yrs now…so im ready for the right man….if yr out there :)

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April 29, 2014

Dating Coach – advice on how to date the smart way

Today, we were privileged to speak with world leading dating coach, The Heartographer, Virginia Roberts.

Smart, focused, funny, completely on the ball with how to get unstuck with dating and very easy to talk to. Listen to Virginia share her no holds barred insights into how to dramatically improve your dating success. In this interview, Virgina shares strategies for how you can get your dating on track with smart ideas and persistence.

Listen to the interview right here and to find out more about Virginia go to the Heartographer


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June 5, 2013

Dating Christians – How to interpret the girl’s body language (part 2)

c. Arms – Women who are interested tend to lean in towards you. Beware of crossed arms — this indicates that she might be bored with your conversations.

d. Hand movements – Pay attention to her hands. Women who are interested subconsciously touch their hair, lips or collarbone. While if they are showing some jerky movements, this can indicate that she is either embarrassed or impatient to end the evening.

e. Mirrored Movement – Singles Agency advise men to notice mirrored movement. This indicates that both of you are sync and have a great chance to extend the night or increase the intimacy level of the relationship.

f. Legs – If your date crosses her legs and points them in your direction this is a good sign that she is interested in you.

g. Distance – If she walks close alongside you, this is a good sign. However, if she maintains a short distance from you, you might need to rethink your next date.
Remember, not all women show the same body language! Be vigilant. Women love a challenge and attention.

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May 28, 2013

Dating Christians – How to interpret the girl’s body language (part 1)

Some guy’s tend to assume that women say one thing and mean another — and this might be true before. Women today, however, are pretty straightforward and they mean what they say. Check out these tips on how to interpret a girl’s body language.

a. Eye contact
This should be first on your list. This should be first on your list. Pay attention to eye contact. A woman who is interested in you will stare into your eyes a few seconds longer than normal. If you’re interested, you can look at her directly for a few seconds longer before shifting your gaze. However, don’t stare too much or she might think you are too intense.

b. Facial Expressions
Women display a variety of facial expressions to show when they are interested in the person or not. Look for these signs:
• Raised eyebrows paired with a smile and a nod means she is interested in what you are saying.
• Women who are interested tend to subconsciously lick their lips.
• She’ll blink faster when talking with you.
• When women are aroused or overly excited, they execute flared nostrils and dilated pupils.

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May 21, 2013

Dating Christians – How to interpret the guy’s body language (part 2)

• When a guy is interested, he will subconsciously try to maximise the amount of space he takes up to assert his status and prowess. Look for these clues:
- Spreading his leg when seated
- Stretching his arms across the back of the chair
- Hooking his fingers in his belt loops, elbows out
• His feet might be pointing towards you.
• There will be longer eye contacts
- If he stares at your eyes longer than necessary, he wanted to catch your attention.
• He might give a genuine smile at appropriate times and even laugh at your jokes
• His palms are open
• He may mimic your movements
If you notice some negative body language, don’t worry. It’s always a nerve wracking experience during first dates. Give your date a chance to prove himself.

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